Making tire maintenance easy


Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) take the chore out of checking tire pressures and puts this vital maintenance information at your fingertips. The NRMA suggests we check and adjust our tyre pressure every 2nd or 3rd time we fill up, but most of us don’t….

A properly inflated tire will ensure better handling and be more efficient, resulting in less wear and a longer life. The use of a Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems has been proven to reduce fuel usage and CO2 emissions.
The USA, European Union, Russia, Malaysia, Turkey, Israel and more now recognize the safety and environmental benefits that can be achieved by ensuring vehicles have correct tire pressures and have mandated the technology as compulsory on all new vehicles.

Fully-fitted solutions

Our fully-fitted solutions can be integrated to display on existing in-dash screens, aftermarket stereos or reversing camera systems. Anything with a video input.

Get your TPMS installed by us and enjoy:

  • On-site installation service at your home or business.
  • Extended product warranty.
  • Lifetime installation warranty.
  • Seamless installation by trained installation professionals.
  • Ongoing service and support when you need it.
  • Over 20+ years experience as Southern California leaders.