Car Audio & Stereo Installation Upgrades and Streaming Audio Integration’s

Most cars, especially ones manufactured 10+ years ago, have crude and very annoying to listen sound systems and tape deck players. For some time invested and a little cash you can have a mobile entertainment center in your car.

Head unit = The brains of your system

There are many brands and options there. Kenwood, Pioneer, JL audio and Sony are top of the line in this category.

Purchase the best quality speakers in your budget

No matter how much you spending on an amp or a head unit, if you have low quality speakers, you will get low quality sound. Speakers come from 1″ tweeters to 15″+ subwoofers. Generally, a smaller speaker gives clearer highs and bigger speakers give deeper lows. Mid-range speakers come in 2 way (plays high and low) and 3 way (plays highs mid and lows).

6x9 speakers, usually in the back will give your car bass, but only a subwoofer can give your car bump

8″ subs don’t bump, 10″ give a jitter, 12 shake rattle n roll.

Amplifiers should be matched to speakers of the same RMS power, an amp can make or break a system.

system. A low quality or low power amp matched to high would not take full advantage of the speakers quality. A too powerful amp will blow your speakers in a couple months.

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