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Phone specific cradles and charging (call for your Device  availability) Apple/Blackberry/Samsung and many more.

Universal charging cradles offers the most comprehensive selection of cell phone mount solutions for the office, home, on the go, and rugged environments. All of our phone holders are manufactured to the highest standards in the United States and ensure your device is always safe and secure.

Laptops and tablet Holders and mounts (call for your Device specification ) A tablet mounting solution to fit all device sizes and applications. Whether in the office, vehicle or warehouse, our tablet mounts are made to stand up in high use conditions. Made in the United States, tablet holders ensure your device is safe, secure and reliable.

Vehicle laptop mounts are the number one choice for strength and safety – securing laptops in cars, trucks, vans and fleet vehicles. With the unique and patented ability to absorb damaging shock and vibration, laptop car mounts keep your device steady and safe.

Original manufacture products based on year, make, and model of the vehicle. Please call for compatibility, installation, and availability of the part for your vehicle (310) 270-5790

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