Dash cams, in-car cameras & event recorders


Daily commuters, professional drivers, teen drivers and fleet managers can now enjoy all the benefits that in-vehicle camera systems provide. Once an expensive, specialized and fiddly option, they are now affordable, easy to use and very effective.
We stock dash cams from leading manufacturers with solutions for both consumer and fleet vehicles.
Commercial-grade systems allow for tamper-proof designs that ensure data integrity plus offer additional features like input / output triggers that can be integrated with other in-vehicle technologies such as tracking and telematics systems.

Fully-fitted custom installations

With a professional z12 Volt Solution installation, you’ll get:

  • An on-site installation service at your home or business.
  • Lifetime installation warranty.
  • Seamless installation by trained professionals.
  • Ongoing service and support when you need it.
  • More than 20+ years in auto tech experience.

Our range of in-car camera systems include:

  • Single channel dash cams
  • Dual channel dash cams

So whether it's your luxury car requiring the most delicate touch, or a fleet of vehicles demanding robust video surveillance installations, you can trust z12 Volt Solutions to provide the right product and most professional installation service.